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Our Mission

"Growth in Harmony" - With a dedicated and professional staff and a committed parent body, W.P.P.S. strives to provide quality education and develop social skills through maximum involvement, self discipline and effort.

Admission Information

Enrolment 2018:  The Enrolment process for 2018 will begin in May this year. Dates to be advised by the GDE.  Grade 1 enrolments will once again be an Online process.  

We suggest that you make use of this time to prepare the following documentation which will be required to accompany the “Admission for Enrolment” form, which will only be handed out on the day set aside by the Department. 


Essential documentation:

 2 copies  Application for Admission form

 2 copies of the Birth certificate of the new learner

 2 copies of ID document of both parents

 2 copies of the Clinic card with the 6 year booster done (Grade 1 only).

 2 copies of the latest report (Grade 2 - 7only).

 2 copies of older child’s school report if there is a sibling in the school

 2 copies of the relevant Residence Permit if you are an Immigrant

 2 copies of proof of residence in our area with the street address. No box number will be accepted.

If you are renting a property, you will need to provide 2 copies of a signed letter from the owner stating that you are renting plus proof that the owner owns the property.


Grade 8 Enrolments - 2018:  Enrolments for Gr 7 pupils into GDE High Schools for Gr 8 will also open in May with the On-line application process.  Please contact the High School in your area to establish what documentation is required by you and dates of opening in order that you are ready once enrolments open.   Do not risk being rejected by your school of choice and finding that you are too late to apply for your nearest school.  It is an important process and not to be left to the last minute.


Grade R – 2018:  Welties Pre-School has opened their enrolments for 2018.  Don’t leave it too late, enrol now to avoid disappointment.

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